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From the Desk of the Editor in Chief

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Non Peer-Reviewed Content

From the Desk of the Editor in Chief

Dean Academic Affairs, Adesh University

“Starting a new medical journal! A near-Herculean Task”

Universities, colleges, departments, faculty and even students, especially post graduates/post-doctoral; everybody would like to have a ‘peer-reviewed, print-versioned, as well as, an indexed journal with high impact factor’, in place. Because once in place, it helps in getting through the inspections of various regulatory bodies, establishes the credibility of the institution/s and most importantly helps in improving the chances of promotion of the faculty. So everything is hunky-dory! Everybody is happy!!

Well, not so simple, because everything has to have a beginning like the ‘Big Bang’ theory. For anything to get established, first has to come into existence, to begin with. Same principles applied for the Adesh University Journal of Medical Sciences and Research (AUJMSR). Since the day the responsibility of the office of the Dean Academic Affairs, had been entrusted, the idea of starting a journal was conceptually hovering in the conscious of ‘yours truly’! It was just the question of the opportune time. It came with the blessings of the higher authorities and the support of the publishing house of “Scientific Scholar®”, the website of the journal: was launched on 31st May 2019.

But that was just the first breath of life for the journal, because still more toils and travails were in offing. The major concern was “how to get the adequate number of suitable articles?” We were in a ‘catch 22’ situation. The authors want an “indexed” journal, for submitting their articles, which cannot happen till we have a sufficient number to construct an ‘e-copy’ to get an ISSN, which will not be issued till we submit the soft copy blue print of the journal, again with an adequate number of articles. Without ISSN, one cannot imagine submitting it to the ‘indexing body’.

However, with the blessings of the Almighty God, unconditional support of the Hon’ble Chancellor, Hon’ble Vice Chancellor and Hon’ble Medical Superintendent (administration), little bit of perseverance, persuasiveness and ingenuity on my part and most importantly, the strong and unwavering faith shown by all of our authors, who entrusted their precious and credible work viz; submitted their articles for Volume 1, Number 1, July-December 2019 issue of Adesh University Journal of Medical Sciences and Research (AUJMSR). It is now in existence, a reality. We also thank our panel of the eminent reviewers, who took out time, out of their busy schedule to complete the transparent blinded review process. Last but not the least, the impeccable, efficient, precise and most importantly very user friendly platform created by our partners, the publishers, Scientific Scholar® and all the assistance and support their entire team has provided. It is worthwhile to visit the website (, to appreciate the elegant simplicity.

My humble submission, to all the faculty and students of the Adesh University: This is your journal, our journal! Yes, at present it is yet to be indexed but on the ‘brink of getting indexation’. That is our ultimate goal, which we shall pursue untiringly, till we achieve it. It is a bit of longish and tedious process. But with your continued support and submissions of your articles, it shall just be a mere ‘process’! To be tackled with and achieved. So submit your articles in a large number! Another important and noteworthy point being, AUJMSR, is not an “in-house” kind of journal, but an ‘open access’ journal. So ask your friends, old colleagues and acquaintances from various Higher Education Institutes (HEIs) all over the country to contribute their articles to AUJMSR. Let us make AUJMSR, a household name.

I am pretty sure, with your continued support, we shall prevail!

Long Live AUJMSR!

Long Live Adesh University!!

Prof. Mridul M. Panditrao
Dean Academic Affairs
Adesh University.
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